What’s New for Amazon Wish List?

by Derwood Hunsdale-Talbot on October 15, 2008

As any avid book devourer would know, Amazon has a wish list that you can use to build the ultimate library that you would like to own someday. You can make it public, private and make many different lists, depending on what your goals are. Like books you plan to buy, books you plan on getting your significant other to buy, items that aren’t a book, like a DVD wish list and so on. But have you seen the newest version, the Universal Wish List, that allows you to place a “Add to Wish list” button to your toolbar and put items on your wish list that aren’t on the Amazon site?

It’s a great little feature that doesn’t place cookies or load down your browser toolbar with stuff. You simply add the button to your toolbar and when you’re on a site with an item you wish to own someday, click the button, select which wish list, add the necessary information and select the photo.


Voila! Instant all internet wish list!

Designed to work with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, this little widget is about to make this holiday season a lot easier. Sure there are similiar sites out there already, but the convienence of Amazon makes it worth taking for a spin.

If you find the same item that’s on Amazon cheaper elsewhere, add it to the list! Doesn’t matter where it is or how much the vendor is charging!

Build a wishlist today!

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