The Un-fun Parent, by Ian Lurie

by Derwood Hunsdale-Talbot on July 30, 2010

Unfun Parent by Ian Lurie

Ian Lurie is good for three things.

First, he knows 83% of everything to know about the internet. (If you’re thinking that 83% of everything to know is sort of high, but not high enough to write a book about internet safety, you should know that there is no one in existence that knows more than 92% of everything about the internet, so really he is in the top 98% of people who know certain percentages about the internet, thus I am right and you should just trust me.)

Second, he is a good writer with the insight and know-how to explain fairly convoluted ideas so that common monkeys or even those of us who live wishing it was 18th-century London (ah, to rub elbows with Alexander Pope) can understand.

Thirdly, he introduces each chapter in much the same way de Cervantes starts each chapter of Don Quixote. We love a computer geek who knows his literary tropes.

If that’s enough to convince you to buy his new book, go for it.
Buy it now.
Or keep reading for more exciting tiddlebits and secrets of the internet.

What The Un-fun Parent Gives You

Simple, straightforward, easy-to-abide-by rules to keep your young children safe on the ‘netz. These range from how to protect your PC from your kids’ errant clicks and downloads to how to know who your child is talking to on MySpace.

The book, which is short enough to not be overwhelming but long enough to give you a ginormous head start on staying on top of your kids’ internet activity, is broken down into eight sections:

  • The Un-Fun Parent
  • Laying the Foundation
  • Keeping Your Children from Destroying Your Computer
  • Keeping an Eye on Things
  • Protecting Your Child’s Identity
  • Watching Where Your Child Goes
  • About Passwords
  • Why Bother?

Perhaps it’s not the perfect beach book (thank you Nora and Tom*), but it is the best way to learn (and learn quick) because you know and I know that your kid is going to outgrow your current internet knowledge in a matter of months weeks.

Top 3 Items I Learned From Un-Fun Parent

  1. How to track your kid’s Facebook activity using Google.
  2. Why I should reserve the domain name of of my child (if I had a child).
  3. How to out-smart your smart kid without using silly filters. (Hint – tracking your kid is better than blocking you kid).

How to Get Your Hands on Un-Fun Parent

At under $10 for a paperback and $5 for the e-book version, this baby is a steal. Buy it!

*Roberts and Clancy

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