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Are Dummies Books Really for Dummies?

by Katie Fetting-Schlerf on August 2, 2012

When the Dummies books first hit the market in the early 1990s, many were concerned their titles insulted prospective readers.  After all, anyone seriously seeking education can hardly be called a dummy. Fun, instructive and easy to read, the series kicked off with DOS for Dummies and has grown into a series that, according to […]

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9 of the Best Books about Journalists

by Guest Author on June 22, 2012

Journalists tend to be represented in popular media as cynical, nosy, self-righteous, and insensitive. But, while this may be true for a very small percentage of them, most journalists are just on a quest for the truth. And on that quest toward the truth, a journalist must be ethical, inquisitive, and unrelenting. I mean, how […]


What is the Great American Novel?

by Katie Fetting-Schlerf on April 26, 2012

For centuries, authors have attempted to write the Great American Novel – a work that encapsulates the American experience – a rags-to-riches, Horatio Alger, red white & blue tome put down in black & white. But can a single novel adequately explore the hopes, dreams, irony, sincerity, levity, gravity, disappointments and triumphs of an entire […]

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5 Acclaimed Authors No One Reads

by Katie Fetting-Schlerf on March 30, 2012

It’s easy to hate on Twilight and The Hunger Games, but there is something eminently readable about both.  Clear, simplistic language and heroic, one-dimensional characters cuddle a lazy reader, enticing attention typically reserved for soap operas and professional wrestling. On the flip side, however, are the authors everyone feels they ought to like, but don’t.  […]


The Pale King by David Foster Wallace

by Nick Bernard on March 6, 2012

It’s hard to be a fan of David Foster Wallace. Since the publication of his universally revered literary tour de force, Infinite Jest, Wallace achieved iconic status in contemporary American letters as a brilliant but challenging writer—a perception crystallized by his untimely death in 2008. For this reason, it’s become almost a cliché to have […]

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