Sound Smart

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Sound Smart…Without actually being smart!

“Read any good books lately?”

It’s a standard icebreaker at parties, a way to start a conversation (and eventually maybe even get lucky). But if you’re like most people, the honest answer when asked that seemingly harmless question is “no.”

What with 200 channels in High-Def, GTA IV and adults-only Internet sites, who has time for books? The last thing you can recall reading is a Domino’s delivery menu.

…virtually no chance of you being caught lying.

So what if some hottie has just posed the question to you? Telling the truth means certain failure. And claiming you read some book you heard about on Oprah exposes you to the danger that the hottie has read it too and you’ll fast be exposed for the fraudulent loser you are.

Here’s the solution! Simply memorize one (or more, if you’re actually capable of such a feat) of the following book titles. Now you’re ready for the question with an answer that’s certain to impress and that carries virtually no chance of you being caught lying.

It’s easy and nearly foolproof, even for you. (Just in case, however, we’ve provided some fodder you can use as a smokescreen.)

But frankly, if whomever you meet actually has read any of these books, they’re out of your league anyway.

Let’s get started!

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