Show Me Your Shelves

by Derwood Hunsdale-Talbot on March 3, 2011

Welcome to Show Me Your Shelves, in which, unlike the title suggests, you do not send me photos of your breasts, but rather a snap shot of your bookshelves.

I will rate your taste, pick out my most and least favorites, comment on any other decorations, and decide whether or not we could be friends based on how well you’re stacked.

Again, not boobs.

Send your own images (high-res, please, or I get to guess which books you own based on blurry titles and I will claim they are all Jodi Picoult – I swear) to derwood (at)

Emma T. from Seattle

Show Me Your Shelves - Emma

First impressions: A tidy bookshelf with a mix of books and ephemera, though heavy on the books – the way it should be. I also love those little scent-y stick things. My favorite is lavender. I wonder what scent Emma’s are?

Closer Look

Show me your shelves - emma top

Top two shelves: Obviously, these top two shelves are there to make a good impression. Look: Atwood, Eggers, DeLillo, Auster. There are old throwbacks, too – is that The Ill-Tempered Clavichord up there on the top left?!

Peeping out behind the bird looks to me like a stack of French masters – am I to assume that those are en francais, Miss? If so, well played.

On the downside, I see more than one literary theory book (one actually called Literary Theory – Holy Balzac, even the titles of theory books are dry), and, while I enjoyed Life of Pi overall, the ending bummed me out to no end. I can only hope you’re not one of those Pi hyper-enthusiasts who just keeps shouting to me, “Allegory! It’s an allegory!”

Show me your shelves - emma bottom

Bottom two shelves: Ah, here are the guilty pleasures. Not even a slightly blurry image and an over-stuffed stack of books can hide (drum roll….) Twilight. All four, no less! Feel no shame, though, miss: we all have our bibliographic demons.

That isn’t to say there aren’t some out-and-out gems stuck in. My recommendation: give Feed a raise from the bottom shelf to the top. I mentioned once that Feed is one of my all time favorite books, I don’t care if it was written with junior high kids in mind.

On the right-side of Piggy is a dynamic duo: a one-two punch of P.G. Wodehouse and David Foster Wallace. In my opinion, there is no better way to spend a Friday night.

Final verdict: Yes, Emma, we can be friends. Even with the Twilight.

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Mumsy March 11, 2011 at 6:50 pm

It just keeps getting better and better. Do I see Plum Island on the shelf as well?

buzzything March 23, 2011 at 4:51 am

Brave brave lady!

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