Remember When Reading was Fun?

by Derwood Hunsdale-Talbot on September 25, 2008

The Baltimore City Paper recently published this great article that reminds us to rethink what we read and what we read when we were kids and how those books may have changed our lives. Think about what you read when you were 12. How did you choose it? Why did you choose it? And did it impact the way you thought about things, did things or interpreted anything?

So Written Word is going to do a series of book reviews called “Remember When” where we re-visit the books that we loved when we were 12.

Go read the article from the Baltimore City Paper today and come back later for pure nostalgia from series books like Little House, The Baby Sitters Club, Sweet Valley High, Nancy Drew and non series books like Number the Stars, A Wrinkle in Time, Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret.

You get the idea.

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