Practical Demonkeeping

by Derwood Hunsdale-Talbot on September 17, 2008

Practical-demonkeepingPractical Demonkeeping from Christopher Moore is one of his shorter offerings, but right in line with Lamb and A Dirty Job.

Set in Pine Cove, CA, Mr. Moore describes well and not a length (thank you) a sleepy little ex-whaling town. Each one of the characters is completely unique and the best ones are a little batty. And I mean that in the best way possible. It is the quirkiness and uniqueness of this cast of characters that really not only keeps the story interesting but turns it into a fast read.

With a shorter novel like this it’s hard to give specifics without spoiling too much. The characters range from a people-eating demon named Catch, Travis- his keeper, a police detective, the bait store owner, a genie, a waitress and her alcoholic husband and much much more. Each character does have their background explained in a humorous way which is really what makes up the story. How this cast of characters came to be and how they eventually intersect with one another. (Think of the film Magnolia, but far less confusing and abstract.) The basic plot is that Catch, the demon, is on the loose, no longer under the control of his master and seeking a way to become master-free. At the same time, the master, Travis, who lost control wanted to get rid of him anyway (tired of being his baby sitter and meal provider for the last 70 years) but not at the expense that Catch roams the country free and well, hungry for people!
Comedy, action and a little bit thriller, Practical Demonkeeping is a very fun read, add it to you book list this fall.

On the Bookalicious scale: 4- Satiated- A most tasty read, yet not overfilling!

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