Penguin Dating: A New Dating Website for Bookworms

by Derwood Hunsdale-Talbot on August 25, 2008

When Shelfari Met EHarmony…..

…the new bookworm website Penguin Dating was born! We know it’s superficial, but we’ve been known to judge a guy by the size of his bookshelf a time or two. And those three little words “I never read”? A definite deal breaker in our book!

Luckily, the well-known publishing house Penguin has just launched a dating site, powered by, to make finding your fellow bookworms a little easier. Each picture is accompanied by the most recent book read and a little description of their opinion of it. Not only does this point you in the direction of your soulmate, it totally takes care of that awkward first date icebreaker.You can ever filter potential lovers by searching for your favorite book. No need to read between the lines since the person who loves the exact same books as you is obviously awesome.

For those who think online love is a little incongruous for lovers of the written page, worry not: the site is being advertised in the final pages of about 2 million Penguin paperbacks.

With some alluring pictures of studious booklovers and a snappy tagline “Ever wished real life could be as romantic as a novel?”

We think it’s time to declare: Reading is Officially Sexy.

Find your shelf soulmate-or at least a fun potential book club partner- at Penguin Dating.

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