Laura Ingalls Wilder and The Little House

by Derwood Hunsdale-Talbot on September 26, 2008

Little-childrenThe Little House series was wildly popular with little girls and even more so when the television production of the Little House on the Prairie was introduced. It also made the Prairie book the most recognizable in the series.

I know I personally went through the entire series, see if you can recall each of these:

Little House in the Big Woods

Farmer Boy

Little House on the Prairie

On the Banks of Plum Creek.

By the Shores of Silver Lake

The Long Winter

Little Town on the Prairie

These Happy Golden Years

The First Four Years

While I cannot recall exactly what happened in every single one of those books, I know without cheating and looking at Wikipedia that I remember very specific instances and events that did happen. Descriptions and even quotes, despite having not picked one up since middle school. I can’t remember what happended in the mystery novel I read last week, but I can very clearly recall the description of all the wonderful dried meats and fruits hanging from the rafters in Little House in the Big Woods and how the little house was bursting with supplies for the coming winter. And of course, how they made chitlins.

I can recall how Laura’s aunt’s dress had buttons that looked like juicy ripe blackberries and how when Pa and Ma were married, Pa could “span” Ma’s waist with his hands.

There were the beautiful descriptions of Silver Lake, how the moon would glisten on it and how the men in the hotel they were working at were loud and rowdy.

The creek at Plum Creek was a great source of entertainment for Laura and her sisters and their home was dug into the bank. They were able to go to a regular school for awhile, buying new slates and chalk in which to write on. If I remember right, the cost was 5cents.

I remember that I didn’t much care for the latter two books that covered Laura’s adult life, but I do know that her engagement ring from Albert was gold with a ruby and when he had asked her about getting married she had told him that it would depend on the ring. And that when there was a fire in their home after their first child, one of the only things she’s was able to save was a plate reading “Give us this, Our daily bread.”

All of these books I read more than once, which in my adult life I hardly ever do. Once the book is done, it’s done unless I really really like it. Why when we’re kids do we read a book 6 or 7 times?

The Little House series was one of my all time favorites. I’m really not sure why and I never owned it. I would just check them out from the school library over and over again.

I think I need to visit my library.

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Maridel May 15, 2012 at 2:22 am

Albert was in the tv show only-She married Almanzo “Manly” Wilder.

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