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Sounding Smart

7 Pioneers of Punctuation

by Derwood Hunsdale-Talbot on January 25, 2011

There’s nothing quite like omitting a few commas to really let loose on the page. After centuries of formalist writing, with their serial commas and their Strunk and White and their “well, the Bible did it, so……” these seven authors have turned the world of convention and capitalization on its head. 1. John Irving, A […]


Should Catcher in the Rye Sequel Be Banned?

by Derwood Hunsdale-Talbot on January 13, 2011

Cast Your Vote Should the Cather in the Rye follow-up be banned?customer surveys The so-called sequel to Catcher in the Rye has been banned for publication in the US and Canada for the near future, announces its author, Swedish writer Fredrick Colting. The primary injunction indefinitely banning the books publication was issued by Judge Deborah […]


2011 New Year’s Resolutions for Reading

by Derwood Hunsdale-Talbot on December 29, 2010

After a bountiful holiday full of books (and more books!) I declare it is time to buckle down and start reading. Don’t stop! Career, family, health be damned – there are just too many books to be read and books reviews to write. As the days to 2011 dwindle, it’s time to revitalize any healthy […]


Cupertino Effect – When Spellcheckers Strike Back

by Doug Quixote on October 29, 2010

One tip of advice if you want to be a successful writer: don’t rely on your spellchecker. It might be one of the greatest tools ever, but type too carelessly and the spellchecker will turn on you faster than the ending of a Pynchon novel. The more technical name of “when spellcheckers attack” is called […]


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson

by Derwood Hunsdale-Talbot on July 1, 2010