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How the Goodreads Reading Challenge Ruined Me as a Reader

by Isla McKetta on December 27, 2012

Way back in January of 2012, I took advantage of a snowed-in week to finally finish tomes like The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa. Throw in a little Italo Calvino and some poetry (which I never give the attention it deserves) and I was powering through books like a reading superstar. I did a […]


10 Literary Bad Boys We Love to Love

by Isla McKetta on July 18, 2012

Whether or not the cliché that every girl loves a bad boy began with literature, books can set up some pretty strange relationship expectations. And even though we know better, some literary bad boys are impossible to resist. Here are 10 naughty men to set your heart a-racing. Bad to the Bone Dorian Gray, The […]


How to Make an Animal Speak

by Jack Martin on January 24, 2012

Charlotte spins her web, Wilbur shows up the other pigs at the County Fair, and young readers rejoice. They don’t even seem to care that animals can’t talk. Why do kids get to have all the fun? After spending week after week writing online book reviews on stories about normal people that speak to other […]


“The key is still good books. Without them we don’t have an industry.” Kuo-Yu Liang, Diamond Book Distributors It’s time to face it: comic books have changed. 50 years ago nobody would have ever dreamed that a comic book, even with the haughtily applied title of “graphic novel,” would someday be counted amongst those great […]


Valentine’s Day Most Romantic Reads & Sexy Stories

by Derwood Hunsdale-Talbot on February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day appeal the most to two groups of people: the kinds of people who cry during Hallmark commercials and the ones that have sex every day (sometimes twice). Since last year’s V-day tribute was dedicated to those looking for love and missing out, here’s hoping that the past 365 days of searching have paid […]