9 Best Gifts for Writers

by Isla McKetta on November 21, 2012


Writers can be quiet, secretive people who only confide their needs to their journals. So finding the perfect gift can be especially challenging. We’re here to tell you what writers secretly desire for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Festivus.

1. Really Nice Pens (with Ink)

Sentences written by hand are more contemplative or indulgent somehow. Show your writer that you too are serious about the craft by giving a fine fountain pen and a selection of inks. Noodler’s inks come in a wide range of colors to express every mood.

2. Notebooks

All those words have to go somewhere, right? Moleskines come in shapes and sizes to please everyone. Try to sneak a peek at your writer’s office, though, because this gift can easily be overdone. The blank page can be terrifying. A three-foot-high stack of blank notebooks from well-meaning friends is crippling.

3. Bookstore Gift Certificates

Just spending time in a bookstore is inspiring, but sometimes not being able to take some of those books home with you is sad. Feed your writer’s love for literature with a gift certificate to his or her favorite bookstore. Some writers are very political on the to-Amazon or not-to-Amazon front, so find out first if they prefer indie book sellers.

4. Café Gift Certificates

One of the hardest things to find for a writer is space to write. Cafés can be a great place to get away from it all and focus on the written word. But all those drinks you have to buy as “rent” add up. Feed the writing and caffeine habit with gift certificates to a neighborhood coffee shop.

5. Massage

Writers are generally not great about taking care of their bodies. All those hours spent hunched over a keyboard can add up to tendonitis and hunched shoulders. Take care of your writer by setting up a massage or acupuncture session or series of sessions.

6. Time

The best way to give time varies by writer. Get a babysitter for a writer with kids. Are you married to or living with a writer? Excuse your writer from dinner and dishes on Tuesdays for a year and call that writing time. Or find some other way to set up a writing date or retreat for your writer.

7. Movie or Theater Tickets

Most writers draw inspiration from a wide range of arts, but going out can be expensive. Treat your writer to a show.

8. Literary Magazines

Some magazines like Poets & Writers appeal to a wide range of writers. This is an opportunity to really think about what type of writer you are buying for. The lit snob might like the Paris Review. A freshly modern writer will love Ploughshares. The busy short story writer will appreciate One Story and a Sci-fi writer might enjoy Strange Horizons.

There are niche publications for narrative poetry, lyric poetry, memoir, romance, horror, fantasy, and every other genre you can imagine.

9. E-Reader

We’re not going to enter the Kindle/Nook fray (each has its advantages), but writers are usually readers and it can be nice to take all those books with you on one device.

Do you have great gift ideas for writers? Please share.

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Liza LaCasse November 24, 2012 at 7:32 am

I have a writer in my life. Thank you for the wonderful ideas. : )

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