15 Brilliant Bookmarks to Keep Your Pages Pristine

by Derwood Hunsdale-Talbot on March 11, 2010

In response to some very, very passionate book lovers (who thought when I said 9 Ways to Turn Old Musty Books Into Something Cool, I meant old and musty as in the Book of Kells, not old and musty like my mother’s collection of Harlequins she bequeathed to me) I have compiled this list of wack-tastic bookmarks, designed to preserve precious tomes.

Say no to dog-eared pages!

Vote nay for cracked spines!

Be you a courter of crafts, an admirer of art, a devotee to design, an infatuate of innovation – there is a bookmark out there made for you.

15 Bookmarks For Every Type of Reader

Bookmarks for the Reader Who Want Others To Notice Their Amazing Bookmarks

Grass Bookmarks

The Green Marker bookmarking system is so fun and pretty, you’ll find a reason to mark every page.

Liquid Bookmark

A bit more gory – and goopy. A liquid bookmark will add just that extra touch of creepy to your Stephen King marathon.

Bookmark for the Annotating Reader

Dare I mention annotating the pages of a book without being accused of facile desecration, but you know and I know that it’s hard to make it through Pynchon without a couple marks here and there – let alone the rest of your college reading list.

Booksling Bookmark

With the BookSling, you have a place to keep your pencil, a place to mark your page AND (dare I say it) a place to keep your highlighter for all those all-nighters come thesis time.

Bookmarks for the Bedtime Reader

Nightlight Bookmark

This nightlight/bookmark from relogik turns off its LED glow when covered by a book – also marking your page. Very handy indeed.

Shelf Light Bookmark

A three-in-one bookmark/night-reading system from Lili Lite. Now if only there was a snack bin too… then we’d never have to get out of bed.

Wooden Triangle Bookmark

This triangle bookmark, when not utilized, serves as a highly functional block of wood, for all your wood block needs.

Bookmark for the Hyperopic Reader

Silver Magnetizing Bookmark

Forget the days of bridge-of-the-nose pinching glasses. A triple-function bookmark/spot-holder/magnifying glass, the favbook is triple the fun.

Bookmark for the Reader with Short Fingernails (or a fresh manicure)

Abracadabra Puffy Bookmark

I wonder if the Acbracadabra makes a little pffft sound with every puff.

It should.


Bookmarks for the DIY Crafts Reader

Corner Book Mark
Make your own corner book marks like these ones from the Hybrid Chick.

Arts and Crafts Bookmarks

Buttons and paper clips and fun fabrics, oh my! It’s a DIY craft dream come true. See how it’s done here.

Gift Card Book Marks

Expired gift cards make funky clippy bookmarks. Here’s how.

Bookmarks for the Reader Who Forgets His and/or Her Spot

Pointing Finger Book Mark

A Pointing Finger Bookmark ensures that you will pick up at the very word, nay the very letter, you left off.

Save Me Bookmark

You my have crushed someone in your 1,000 page tome, but at least you know exactly where and when (thanks to save me! bookmark).

Bookmark for the Reader Who Would Rather Be Using a Kindle

USB Feather Bookmark

I image the thought process surrounding the owner of a GeekStuff4U bookmark to go something like this:

Man I wish I had a Kindle. Or a Nook. Or a Netbook. Anything with a screen to read off. Instead I have this lousy striped notebook – damn college-ruled paper! DAMN YOU! Heh… little do you know that I have a USB drive right here, inside my striped notebook. Disguised as a bookmark disguised as a feather. Just you wait. I will get my technology fix if it’s the LAST THING I DO!

Bookmark for the Traditional (but at the same time not traditional) Reader

Heart and Wire Bookmark

This bookmark by Nedholm Design does nothing more than mark your page… But it’s just so sleek and snazzy, with it’s steel wire and wooden heart topper. I couldn’t help but be swayed.

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parker March 11, 2010 at 5:58 pm

i want an edible bookmark, for those late night munchies

Amanda March 12, 2010 at 7:42 pm

I really, really need the pointing finger bookmark. For when I read at the gym and can’t remember where I left off.

Ariana March 19, 2010 at 5:54 pm

I really REALLY love my book sling! I use it on my calendar though as that is a book I read everyday. These are all great ideas! Thanks! Love the LED on the night stand, might be putting that on my bday list!

Jemina S October 3, 2011 at 12:42 am

I love these bookmark ideas specially the DIY ones. I saw one on my friends site and wondered if it was her original idea. I maybe making my own, as well.

belinda bryant April 20, 2012 at 3:13 am

you have captured some really original and innovative ideas, thanks for the inspiration!

Vincent August 27, 2013 at 9:14 pm

These are great bookmarks. I love the one with the hand sticking out!
You should check these out, they are very pretty: http://www.svmoonsun.com/collections/bookmarks

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